Aqua Aerobics Instructor

Why don’t you splash your way into fitness! This Vertical Water Training Course sets the stage for leaders, coaches, rehab specialists, athletes and personal trainers to learn how to use water effectively in the design and the delivery of safe, productive and innovative water training sessions.A water based class can burn more calories than a comparable land-based class due to the increased resistance to movement while providing an increase in muscle strength and endurance. Both cardiovascular and strength training exercises may be part of an aqua fitness programme. Water based exercise classes provide less joint stress not only for healthy individuals, but also for those special populations affected by medical conditions such as arthritis, neck and back problems, strokes and obesity. This type of aerobics may also be more acceptable for the self-conscious overweight exerciser.

Course Aim

Upon successful completion of this course the learner will understand and be able to:

  • Plan and prepare a water based exercise (Aqua Aerobics) class.
  • Instruct water based exercise in consideration of safe and effective exercise requirements.
  • Utilize appropriate communication skills required to instruct a water based exercise class.
  • Instruct exercise classes in a professional and confident manner.

Please be advised that if a learner does not have an Anatomy, Physiology and Exercise Science background, the Introduction to Exercise Science (SAQA US ID: 243297) course needs to be completed in-conjunction with the Aqua Instructor course prior to receiving the Aquatics Instructor Certification.

Course Content

  • The Aquatic Environment
    • Physiology of Water Immersion
    • Water and it’s Properties
    • Pool Considerations
  • Aquatic Equipment
    • Categories of Equipment
    • Choosing Equipment
  • Benefits of Aquatic Exercise
  • Aquatic Exercise Program Design
  • Instructing an Aqua Class
  • Special Populations
    • Elderly
    • Obese
    • Pre- Post- Natal
    • Cardiovascular Disease
    • Musculoskeletal Disorders
    • Metabolic Disorders
    • Immunological Disorders

Course Format

Aqua Component:

Day 1: Theory (09:00 – 16:00)
Day 2: Theory and Practicals (09:00 –16:00)
Day 3: Practicals (09:00 – 13:15)
Practical Exams (13:15 -16:00)
          With Theory assessments to be uploaded and performed online

Introduction to Exercise Science Component: Online

Course requirements or pre-requisites

In order to register for this course, you must have thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology. If you have completed any previous personal training or fitness based courses, this should be sufficient, however, if you have no previous anatomy or physiology knowledge, then you will need to register for the complete Aqua Instructor Programme (Aquatics Instructor and Introduction to Exercise Science) and not just the practical section.

Participants must be able to swim due to the practical nature of the programme.

Scope of Work

Aqua instructors can work in gyms, schools or recreation centres. Aqua aerobics appeals to the elderly and pregnant due to its gentle nature.

PLEASE NOTE: all participants must be competent swimmers. All participants will need to bring a swimming costume, towel and swimming cap.

Course Fees

Theory (Introduction to Exercise Science) and Practical :R4500
Practical only: R3500